History of HBS

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Meet The Party Animals of HBS


Creator of the Hall Pass 2020, and taking full advantage of it this wine-soaked wolf’ette is commonly found tied to the pole of shame.  When not in time out, the other half of the T+A show is a world renowned live action wrestler, stage name- Champagne Fridays, and famous for ringing the bell.  She’s a lover, not a fighter.


Tegan, like a Pagan.  Or Megan, with a T!  If you can’t get her name right, don’t bother saying it and yes, she’s 6’2″.  This slutty honey, also known as the Iron Giraffe is half of The T+A Show and is a wild child that will keep you guessing what’s in her mug (it’s not coffee).  She even has her own fan club, sign up at www.teganmotherfuckingfoster.com.


Competing with Ponytail Jeff in the hair category, this gem of a person is caked up and living in Orlando with a Captain for now. If you see her shaking her ponytail around Orange County, please let her know we miss her.


AKA – Ponytail Jeff!  We’re sure you’ve seen this local celebrity on the Paul Mitchell billboards around town, so come on down and meet him yourself!  When he is not modeling for hair campaigns, he is choking down champ bongs right here at HBS!  Don’t know what a champ bong is, no worries- he’ll be sure to show you.