Meet The Party Animals of HBS

Who We Are



Tegan, like a Pagan.  Or Megan, with a T!  If you can’t get her name right, don’t bother saying it and yes, she’s 6’2″. This slutty honey, also known as the Iron Giraffe is half of The T+A Show and is a wild child that will keep you guessing what’s in her mug (it’s not coffee). 


Creator of the Hall Pass 2020, and taking full advantage of it this wine-soaked wolf’ette is commonly found tied to the pole of shame.  When not in time out, the other half of the T+A show is a world renowned live action wrestler, stage name- Champagne Fridays, and famous for ringing the bell. She’s a lover, not a fighter.



She’s a wild one, always on the outside looking in.